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Malvi & Co. and the bags of Una Mano Aiuta l’altra Onlus

AN ORIGINAL AND JOYFUL PRESENT: the bags of Una mano aiuta l'altra Onlus.

This bag is realized by the women of the taylor’s shop “Una Mano Aiuta l’Altra” (A hand helps the other). They are built from offcuts of Malvi’s productions, matched and sewed together.
“Una Mano Aiuta l’Altra” is a project born in 2002 thanks to Padri Canossiani and in particular to Padre Giovanni Gentilin. The main aim of the Association is to guarantee a better future for hundreds of boys and girls coming from the quartier Tondo in Manila, Philippines.




Malvi & Co. supports Vidas and the pediatric Hospice for terminally ill children

A new structure will be built in Milan near the Hospice Casa Vidas to offer health service to children and girls/boys that suffer of terminally illnesses and their families.

The building will be organised to guarantee home care services, the best place where to help children, and activities in the Pediatric Hospice where children will be followed both in day hospital with ambulatories, a gym, a little swimming pool and spaces for recreation and play (activities like music therapy and theatre) and in the hospital stay. Six big rooms will host the children and their families.

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Malvi & Co. supports FAI

FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano) is an organization that aims to promote the respect for the nature, the arts, the history and the traditions in Italy. Its purpose is to take care of Italian heritage that represents a fundamental part of our roots and identity.

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Malvi & Co. supports Nuovi Orizzonti

Nuovi Orizzonti aims to help people who live in economic and social suffering.

It works in social exclusion situations with particular attention to young people world. It proposes specific help thanks to innovative intervention that gives people psychological, spiritual and human support.

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